Sunday, April 9, 2017

The New Civil War

We face many choices throughout our lives and one of those choices is the type of government that we have.  Too many people get up in the morning, go to work and then finish the day, have dinner, sit in front of the TV, go to bed, and start over the next morning.  There is a faction in the United States that does not believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and your Right to live your Life as you wish without government intervention on a daily basis.

Some people believe that the “New World Order” is a benign ideal that will allow the nations of the earth to live in peace and harmony.  It is not!  The New World Order is George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984” on steroids. 

It is an Iron-fisted Dictatorship that will make anything the Nazis and Communists ever did look pathetic.  You will be herded into small enclaves where you will be given strict orders on how to live, what job you can hold and how to vote, if elections are even held.

We are in several different wars today in the world. 

One is against extremist Islam that wishes to subjugate the world under a particular view of the Koran.  One is against the un-appointed ministers of the United Nations which would love nothing more than to be the vehicle for the One World Government and one is against the Communist Left here in the United States which has completely co-opted the Democrat Party and is working to destroy everything that the Founders set up 240 years ago.  By working in the background, these Progressives have taken over education, training your children and grand-children to be good little Leftists and radicals.  They have taken over government bureaucracies at federal and state levels writing rules, regulations and laws that affect you and your families on a daily basis which neither you nor your elected officials see or even have input before those rules, regulations and laws go into effect. 

The attached article is from Freedom Outpost 04/09/2017.  

Just my opinion, but I fear for the future of the United States.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The "Collapse" of Reason

An Opinion by Martin

Whether or not people like it, Trump won the Presidency in November 2016 and was sworn into Office on January 20, 2017.  I did not support Donald J. Trump during the Primaries and still have my doubts about his intentions.  But, since he was elected, I will support him and his plans to govern.

Since November 8th, people opposed to Trump appear to have lost all sense of reason and civility.  There are mobs of Leftists in the streets interfering with people' lives and destroying property while pretending to be a groundswell of citizens opposed to the new President, his administration and his apparent plans to return the United States to a Constitutional form of government. 

Now that the President has given his first speech before a joint session of Congress, the former Democrat Party, now openly aligned with the Communist Party, USA and backed by a number of Left-wing financiers such as George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, has completely lost all sense of direction and decorum.  They will use any information they can find whether it's accurate or not to discredit Trump's administration.  If they can't find any dirt to use against him, they have no problem creating that information.  As Goebbels said "If you repeat a lie often enough, the people will begin to believe."

On the other side of the coin, the Republican Party appears to have a problem learning to govern or they would rather sit on the sidelines and whine rather than taking responsibility for their actions.

On the third side of the coin, you have the unelected bureaucracy which writes laws, rules and regulations that impact your life on a daily basis with no input at all from, or review by, Congress.  These nameless, faceless people are more concerned about their personal agendas than they are about your daily lives and that of your families.

And, on the fourth side of this very strange coin you have the media which over the years have become, in their collective minds, another branch of the government co-equal to the other three Branches and they are "offended" by anyone who points out this self-aggrandizement. 

Today in the Country, we have a strange conundrum in which one part of the electorate believes that they were robbed of the Oval Office, one part of the electorate is breathing a sigh of relief that Hillary Clinton did not win and the Establishment on both sides, Republican and Democrat, are worried that Donald J. Trump will dismantle their gravy train and given the chance, Trump may just do that.

Today, in the United States, Donald J. Trump is the President whether we like it or not.  My personal opinion is that we need to set partisanship aside and work together for the betterment of Our Country.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

November 2016 - Your Vote and the Future of this Nation

Your vote in November could pave the way for the destruction of this Nation.
If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you most assuredly will continue down the path to Socialism that Obama and the Progressives started down with Theodore Roosevelt over 100 years ago.
If you vote for Donald Trump, there is a possibility that we will slow the descent into the New World Order and loss of our Sovereignty.
This Election will give the new President a shot at choosing at least 3, maybe 5 Supreme Court Justices and over 50 Federal Judges across the Nation.
This Election will be a test as to whether or not the People of the United States really give a damn about their Constitution and Bill of Rights that have stood for 240 years.
The Progressives have already stated that if Trump is elected, the "protesters" will continue to disrupt the flow of good and services to the People, and interfere with the Rights of the People to live and raise families in Peace.
The "protests" will only get worse under a Clinton Administration because those thugs are her storm troopers.  They harken back to an era when Brown-shirted criminals destroyed the businesses of political opponents and Jews. 
Your vote in November is probably the most important vote of your lifetime.
Choose carefully and wisely.

Monday, October 10, 2016

November 2016 and Your Vote

We have only a short time before the most important of our lives.  We have a choice that is not as clear as it appears because many of us did not want Donald Trump as the candidate of the Republican and many people did not want Hillary Clinton as the Democrat candidate.

Trump has a sketchy background in that he gave money to both parties because he is a businessman and was trying to build a business around the world.  Trump is coarse and verbally disrespectful of women as we have seen on numerous occasions compliments of the main stream media.

Hillary, on the other hand, has a history of taking money from businessmen, foreign governments including dictators, and is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, a radical who preached the overthrow of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  If she is elected, she will continue dismantling the Nation that was started by Obama.

The choices that we have on November 8th are limited.  I personally don't want either Trump OR Clinton, but I have a choice between a person who has at least has a speaking acquaintance with the Constitution and Bill of Rights or a person who doesn't respect either document nor does she respect you as a citizen.

You may have many items on your ballot wherever you live and those will impact your life today through the next election.  Electing the next President will impact your life for the next generation because this President will get to add 2 to 4 Supreme Justices and more than 50 Federal Judges in the next four years.

Please go out and vote on November 8th and remember that this election is extremely important for the future of the country.

You may disagree with my observation.  All I ask is that you vote!  

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Opinion by Martin

Across the depth of time, the Warrior reaches out to us to stand and defend our Nation against the criminal acts of national and international politicians. 

He has witnessed the destruction of nations torn apart by internal dissension as well as external warfare.  He as seen the murder of millions of innocents in the name of this political ideology or that one and has participated in some of these acts while “just following orders” from emperors, kings, presidents and dictators.

The Warrior has worn many uniforms, many cloaks, many guises and carried many different weapons from slings and hand-held spears to the shouldered rocket launchers and other weapons of today.  In the future, he will also carry arms that we can only dream of now.

The politicians fear the Warrior as much as they need him because they rely upon him to enforce their policies upon unwilling citizens/subjects and to extend those policies beyond the borders of their own countries.

In the United States, we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are in danger of being completely destroyed by the acts of politicians who have become “elitists” and believe that “only they have the answer” while plundering the treasury and lining their pockets with our gold.

The Warrior reaches out to each one of us with the warning that we need to stand for our Nation, for our Constitution and Way of Life.  To be ready to remove the criminals and unjust from the political class through the ballot box and, if necessary, the ammo box.

Each one of us, as Citizens of the United States, has the duty to vote in November.  To take the first step in retaking our Nation and returning it to the Vision of the Founders 240 years ago.  A Nation conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the premise that All Men are created Equal.

But the Warrior reminds us that there is a price to pay for that Liberty and each one of us must be prepared to pay that price.

God Bless America! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Nary a Choice

Opinion by Martin

History is replete with paths that mankind could follow.  Some paths would lead people along a walkway in the sunlight with the creation of great civilizations with architecture, works of art, literature and exploration.  Other paths would lead people along paths of darkness with all of the attending murder and mayhem, destruction of those great civilizations, the architecture, the artwork, literature and the enslavement or death of the citizens who lived there.  Some people made the choice to walk on the light side, some chose to walk in the dark and some had nary a choice.

Back in history, children would be told by fathers and grandfathers stories about the having fought in the Revolution and then going back to fight the British again in the War of 1812 which ended with the Treaty of Ghent and solidified the United States as a Nation on the face of globe.  He would tell me that the British became absolutely overbearing in their desire to completely control the daily life of the Colonists and, although about 1/3 of the population didn’t care one way or the other about the choices facing them, 1/3 supported the Crown because they were making money, and 1/3 felt we had nary a choice other than to go our own way out of which came the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We have made many mistakes, some of which can be labeled as “growing pains” and others because of free choice.  One of the worst was slavery where Dutch, English, Spanish businessmen or others would pay Arab slavers to go into the darkness of the African jungles and raid villages for captives who were then sold to planters in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands as laborers.  The Arabs also purchased victims of native tribes who wiped out competing tribes and their villages.  Many of these captives were sold to “brokers” in the Southern States who then sold them to plantation owners from Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and other states across the South.  Where we could have ended slavery early in our formative years, we did not.  The slaves had no say in the system in which they found themselves because they had nary a choice. 

As the people fanned out across the new continent, they encountered the indigenous populations who really resented them being there.  There were killings, atrocities and mayhem on both sides but the sheer number of pioneers moving into the west spelled the end of the Indian nations and as some of the newcomers stated later, “we really didn’t want to kill them or destroy their way of life, but we had nary a choice.”

We fought wars with the Indians, the Mexicans, the Spanish and each other.  Our Civil War, or the War of Northern Aggression, was fought originally over States Rights and later, the Right to own slaves

Our cities grew larger, more populated and because the residents continued to move into the cities because of jobs and we were forced to build skyscrapers, buildings that reached toward the clouds because the land was just too expensive because we had nary a choice.

The European Kingdoms were in decline and their ruling families wanted to maintain to maintain the prerogatives that they had held for several centuries.  In 1914, in the City of Sarajevo in Yugoslavia, the old ways died along with Franz Josef and his wife Sophie.  Europe went to war with one ruling house pitted against another and through the machinations of the Allied Nations, the United States was dragged into the First World War in 1917 remaining until November 11, 1918 because we had nary a choice.

On September 1st 1939, Adolph Hitler sent his troops into Poland after already having seized land from France and Czechoslovakia with no response from Allied Nations.  Hitler had made a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union in exchange for the eastern half of Poland to which the Russians happily agreed.  The United States managed to remain “neutral” until December 7th 1941 when the Japanese attacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and then we entered the war because we had nary a choice.

We reached out for the stars and, at the end of the 1960s, man walked on the moon for the first time. As we reach farther and farther into space, there is a chance that we will meet other beings who may or may not look like us.  By the time that happens, will we have grown enough to accept others or will we revert to our history and kill them because we have nary a choice?

Today we are facing a political decision that will define the course our Nation takes for the foreseeable future.  Will we continue down the path to self-destruction be electing a person to the Presidency that we know is a criminal, an enabler to murder, who has continuously lied to Congress, Law Enforcement, and worst of all, the American People or do we elect a man who has supported Liberal ideals and supported politicians on both sides of the political spectrum to benefit his businesses, who has now decided that he is going to run for the Presidency claiming that he is a Conservative.

It is up to each and every one of you to decide which path you wish to follow.  Will you follow the pathway to national destruction and complete dictatorship or will you vote for a political unknown hoping that he really is an American Patriot who will bring us back from the brink.

It is up to you because you have “Nary a Choice”!

Sunday, July 10, 2016


An Opinion by Martin

Throughout the 240 year history of our Nation, we have had many “doors” through which we could pass. 

One of the first doors through which we passed was when George Washington was offered the position of leadership as King of the new Nation and refused saying that we had just left a status as subjects behind and he became the President of the United States following those who had been President of the Continental Congress and nominally the President of the United Colonies before and during the Revolutionary War.

The next door we passed through was when we refused to pay ransom to the Barbary Pirate in 1803 and sent our fledgling Navy out to display the Flag.  This “war” lasted through 1815 and we were established as a maritime power although we had growing pains at home with plenty of trials and tribulations were yet to come.  During the 1800s, we were an expanding nation with the concept of Manifest Destiny as our driving force.  As a Nation, looking back from the safety of 100+ years, we made tragic mistakes with Wounded Knee and the treatment of the Native Americans as one of the gravest errors from which we have yet to recover.

In the 1860, we elected Abraham Lincoln as President and the Nation went to war over States Rights and whether or not some states could own slaves while others did not.  The Civil War was considered by many the last of the Old European Wars where men lined up and marched across an open field to their death and the first of the “modern” wars with technological means of killing in horrific numbers.  Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg, while not the last battle of the war was by far, to me, indicative of this change.  Just a short 50 years later, we would be embroiled in “A War to End All Wars!” but in the meantime, the United States had become a colonial power in its own right having acquired Cuba and the Philippines as well as some Pacific Islands during the Spanish-American War and all that entailed.  We had also overthrown the Hawaiian Monarchy and annexed that territory.

The 20th Century would see the United States embroiled in several shooting wars and a Cold War with the Soviet Union which ended after President Reagan stood before the Berlin Wall in Germany and challenged the Soviet President Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”.  Reagan left office before the Berlin Wall came down, but the process he had started was completed during the George HW Bush Administration and millions of people living under Soviet domination were free to make their own choices about government.

The 20th Century also saw the first Progressive President in Theodore Roosevelt who admittedly did some good things such as expanding the National Park System that we enjoy today.  He used the power of the federal government to break up companies such as Standard Oil, the Union Pacific Railroad and other shipping companies that were strangling small businesses and manufacturers by charging outrageous rates for goods and the transportation of those goods to market.  But Roosevelt also believed in a strong military and built up the Army, Marines and Navy.  He sent the “Great White Fleet” around the world to display the American Flag.

But he opened a door through which we are still passing.

The next step through that door was Woodrow Wilson, who believed that the Constitution stood between him and his ability to govern the American People.  He created the League of Nations which was a forerunner to the United Nations and which the US Senate refused to ratify.  Another step was Theodore Roosevelt’s cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Taking office after the beginning of the Great Depression, he worked at expanding government and actually created a situation that made the Depression worse in the United States.  He created work projects that put people to work, but the government cannot create jobs and companies that bid on the jobs had to compete against the Works Projects Administration (WPA), the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and numerous other governmental agencies, some of which still exist today in one form or another[1].  World War II had started in Europe before we actually started to clear the damage done by the Depression.  In fact the stock market did not get back to the 1929 level until the 1950s.

One more step through that door was Lyndon Baines Johnson, a despicable human being, who was a racist, a Progressive and had represented the State of Texas in both the House of Representatives and the Senate from 1937 until 1960 when John F. Kennedy asked him to be his running mate.  When Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Johnson became President and immediately started laying the foundations for the “Great Society” which was anything but.  In 1964, Johnson got this program passed through Congress and completely destroyed the Black Middle Class in America driving many Black citizens into the ghettos and poverty that we have in our cities today.  Because of the lies told by the Communist (once Democrat) Party, many Blacks actually believe that the Republican Party and Whites from the days of Lincoln forward bear the responsibility for their plight.  

In 2008, we finally crossed the threshold of the 20th Century door with the election of the First Black President, Barack Hussein Obama.  This election completely destroyed the Constitutional Requirement that in order to be President, your parents had to be American Citizens.  Supposedly, Obama’s father was a Kenyan here on a student visa with no plans to become an American Citizen.  A number of people believe that Obama’s father was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist out of Chicago, who lived in Hawaii and reportedly had sexual relations with an underage white girl named Ann Dunham, who married Obama, Sr.  When that marriage ended in divorce, she married an Indonesian National named Lolo Soetoro who then moved the family to Indonesia where Obama attended a madrasa.   The interesting part of this is that both Obama, Sr. and Soetoro were Muslim.  The Muslim belief is that if your father is Muslim, so are the off-spring and Obama is most likely registered in both Kenya and Indonesia as a Muslim although he has stated that he attended an Anti-White, anti-USA “Christian” Church in Chicago for 20 years.  So we have passed through the doorway of the 20th Century and enter the doorway into the 21st Century where we have so many challenges ahead.

In November 2016, we will make choices that will impact every person living in the United States, legal or illegal until sometime in 2050.  The next President will have to choose, at a minimum, three Supreme Court Justices who will serve for life and will make decisions that either reinforce or continue to destroy our Constitutional Rights for the foreseeable future.  Donald Trump is not my first choice for President but I believe that he will take us through that door and come out the other side a better Nation than will Hillary Clinton, an avowed Socialist whose politics are actually to the Left of Barack Obama.

The series of doors through which we have passed since our birth as a Nation have made us who we are today.  Whether our choices were completely altruistic or not, those choices were made based on the fears and prejudices of those times and should not be used to excuse the criminal actions of today by either our government or thugs and their Liberal bankrollers.

Whether you agree with me or not, this is my opinion of the paths that we have taken as a Nation.  I believe that the choice that you make in November will either help the United States to step back from the precipice on which we, as a Nation, are standing or will help to push us over into the abyss of intolerance and destruction as a Nation. 

It is Your Choice!  Make it wisely!

[1] The National Recovery Administration (NRA), Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)